Restoration of metalwork requires an understanding of how the item was originally constructed, so that it can be sensitively deconstructed if it has to be taken from site, and refurbished, then reconstructed using techniques appropriate to the time of original manufacture.

As a traditional blacksmithing company, the skills practiced by our forerunners in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are routinely used and familiar. Where required, replacement items are hand forged in our workshop. We have the skills to replace or repair decorative repousse work as well as working with rails and posts in the traditional manner.

We have the forensic skills to research and recreate items that have been lost, typically by finding old photographs. We can also identify and match older paint schemes. Past Restoration projects have included the Albert Memorial, the Edney Gates at Tredegar House, work on The Monument and the Nash railings at Kensington Palace. Recent projects include a Georgian staircase at Somerset House and the Main Gates at Kew Gardens.